Saturday, May 31, 2008

I know what you're thinking...'re wondering, where is my kitteh update?! I demand kitteh!

So here it is. :) Except that there isn't much to say. I didn't get to see the Colony Cats until dusk, which means my camera was useless. (Of note, though, I saw: Aloysius, Amaranth, Bessie, Gandolf, Gremlin, Little Grey Girl, and Mr Mistoffolees. Not in that order. That order is alphabetical.)

I have to admit-- I was outside less than usual the past few days because I am avoiding DNL. I know she's just lonely, and I know she likes these cats a lot, but good grief, there's only so much I can take. In fact, I didn't refill the food dishes yet today (although when I went past them around 5 they still had food in them, so that's all right then) because of avoiding her. I'll do it now that I can fairly safely assume she won't be out and about.

But the kitties look good. And it was good to see Amaranth for any length of time today-- I'd been seeing her less frequently.

As for the baby, she continues to do well. For someone who couldn't meow at all on Monday, she certainly has become impressive in her squeaking. I got her to eat some actual cat food today-- not from a plate, sadly, but from my finger and from the outside of the syringe. There's hope that some day my bathroom can stop smelling like a Thanksgiving dinner. (I'm pescetarian, so the aroma of turkey with turkey gravy only makes me think of Thanksgiving. The beef and chicken versions aren't much better. Cat food is its own aroma, and one I'm used to.)

Baby and I took a nap outside (on my balcony) together after her bath so that she could get warmed up. She got to explore a bit on the balcony (with me keeping an eagle eye on her-- she will not be permitted to fall, I promise) while I was on the phone this afternoon, and then this evening she took a nap on my shoulder while I read a magazine out there. What's with all the balcony visits? It's the one place (other than currently my bathroom, which I'm tired of) where my pet cats don't go.

I hope it's not just wishful thinking-- I really do think that she's starting to be a little more padded. She's skin and bones, really, and a round tummy most of the time, but I think her ribs and spine and pelvis and shoulder blades are all just a little less prominent. Must be all that baby food. :)

She takes her medicine without any trouble whatsoever.

I'm a little worried about her eyes-- hopefully people who know about kittens better can help me to know if I ought to be worried. You can see it in the pictures-- her eyes seem to go slightly in different directions. Is this just because as a kitten she can't focus yet, or do you think this might be a real problem? She doesn't run into anything, so I'm probably worrying about nothing.

And she loves people. She wants attention all the time. She going to make her forever-mommy or -daddy very happy, methinks.

I take as many pictures as I can, but I'm often covered in baby food, or she is. And she doesn't sit still except when she's sleeping-- but that generally only happens when she's on me which means pictures are generally blurry. And if she's clean, then she's probably hungry, so she's squeaking, all mouth open. But, I do my best. :)

8 pictures at the Baby Set.


Emily said...

She doesn't look terribly crazy-eyed, so I would guess that it's fine. I'm pretty sure I remember all of my kittens doing that at that age as well. :)

Abigail said...

DNL does *not* like cats, or she would have done something to save the kittens. She's a fruitcake. She likes the idea of cats, but actual cats get little compassion or responsibility from her, so screw her opinion.

As for kitties... kittens are often a little walleyed. Their eyes are too big for their heads. She'll grow into them.

(and if she doesn't...meh, half the siamese I've known were a little crazy eyed. Watch Young Frankenstein with her, make her a fan of Marty Feldman. She'll be fine either way.)

Project Cat said...

@Emily: That's my assumption, too, but I'm a worried mama. :)

@Abigail: DNL is, indeed, a fruitcake. She actually went on this spiel about how if she weren't so old she'd adopt the baby and all I could think was that there was no way I'd let her.

I've never seen Young Frankenstein-- perhaps the baby and I should watch it anyway, even if she does grow into her eyes just fine. :)

Natalie said...

Hey again. I know this is late, but you're correct in that her eyes likely just can't focus right yet. They'd probably just opened a couple of weeks ago, you know? Even if she DID turn out to be cross-eyed though, plenty of Siamese cats are with no adverse effects. It adds to their charm. ;)