Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kitten Progress

Beatrice slept through the night without attacking my nose in the middle of the night to convince me that it was playtime. This was most excellent, and the first time that this has happened. I also introduced her to the laser pointer today, which went well. (Well, at least I find it amusing.)

The Wild Kittens are still having loose stool issues, so I took a sample of Zoe's to the vet. (I would have taken Malcolm's too, but I hadn't realized until after the fact that he also is having issues, albeit not as bad as Zoe's.) I'll hear in 24 to 48 hours what the fecal test shows.

They still run and hide when I come into the bathroom, and what's worse, often seem to spend pretty much all of their time hiding, even when I'm not there. (They eat and use the litterbox when I'm not there, so clearly they do venture forth sometimes.) Last night I sat with them for a long while, but couldn't get them interested in the laser pointer or a feather toy. They'd watch the toys move, but not get up to chase them, or even put out a paw in an attempt to catch anything even if it were quite close by.

I tried again today with a gone-fishing toy (a fish on an elastic string on a stick) and while it took a *very* long time, and started *very* slowly, I did finally get both kittens out from behind the toilet and playing with the fish toy. Granted, if I made a sound or a movement other than those necessary for moving the fishie, the kittens ran and hid again. Still, I find this to be excellent progress.

I am constantly overwhelmed by how beautiful these two cats are, and in such different ways. I'm still looking for my camera (not very hard-- I've been busy) but even so, I doubt I'll be able to properly capture Malcolm's looks because he has dark fur. I'll try, though.

Ran into DNL, again, as I seem to be completely unable to avoid her. Not only is she bringing me eggplant paremsan tomorrow (oh ear), but she asked after Bozo. She has such a tenuous grasp on everything involved (whose cat he was, how he could possibly have gotten FeLV and FIV, etc.) that it makes discussing things with her tortuous (and it usually circles back around to how hard a life someone else has had, and religion.) So that's unfortunate. But she keeps the cats' water dish full, and for that I am grateful.

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