Thursday, October 28, 2010

Matching Donations! Trapping! Mousies! Oh my!


This is an older picture of PigPen (she's cleaner now!) but one of my favorites!

First, if you follow Project-Cat (well, the blogger behind P-C) on any other social-media-venue, you might have noticed a bit of a tizzy as far as just when the trapping will occur.  Originally, it would be this weekend, and then I had taken too long to get the ferals signed up for a Sunday clinic, so it was going to be two weeks, then it turned out that there is room, so it's back on for this weekend.


Fortunately, I have a colleague and friend who is going to hang out and provide  (a)moral support, and The Volunteer is providing traps and transportation.  (I get to do after-care all on my own though, and won't that be a challenge? Heh.  Well, I'll worry about that part later.)

But this means we's got to raise monies.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of several friends, we have raised $65.  The Spay And Neuter Hotline requests a donation of $25/cat for TNR to offset costs.  (Note that's offset, not cover, so if I could raise more for them?  How wonderful!)  So that's a minimum of $150 needed, assuming I catch all 6 cats.  (Fingers crossed!)  (Note how much less this is than last time, when it was $50/cat, and aiming for 14+! So hey, we're making progress in all sorts of ways!)  So $150 is the bottom goal, but a little more for small purchases for trapping  (ie: tuna in oil, mostly) and more for the Hotline would be awesome-sauce.  Too, as a friend pointed out, there's the continuing feeding of the ferals (which I've been doing out of pocket) and, alas, you never know when another kitten or cat will be dumped and need care. 

To that end, you can help!

First off, an Anonymous Donor, who has asked that I not reveal his/her/their identity, nor use adjectives of description, has offered MATCHING DONATIONS up to $250!!! So if you hit that there donation button on the left (or below!), this wonderful, fantastic and kind donor (Okay, so I don't always follow directions) will match your donation, up to raising $250!! NOW IS THE TIME TO DONATE! Your money gets doubled! How awesome is that?!?! 

(There, I'll describe this donor's actions as AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE, instead of the donor him/herself/themselves.  That's sort of following directions, eh?)

So hit the button, if you can!!


Tuxie is telling me to stop taking pictures and to clean out and refill her water-bowl, thankyouverymuch.
If you can't?  I totally understand.  But you can still help by re-tweeting, re-face-booking and linking to Project-Cat.  Spread the word! (The plight of the feral cat should be spread anyway.)

ALSO. (I don't know what it is with me and all-caps today.  My sincere apologies-- I'm not shouting, I'm just excited!)  There are new cat toys in my Etsy shop.  Visit them here! (There's yarn there, too, handspun, by me! And not from cat fur, I promise.  Cat fur is too short to spin well.  No, I haven't tried it.  What? I haven't! I swear! I just know people who have.)  All money from purchases in my shop will go towards this fund!   (This is not included in the matching donations, of course, 'cause that's for donations.  And with this you get an object, after all.)

I also take commissions-- you have a cat who choose his/her toys?  I can make double-strength mousies!  Allergic to wool?  I can make the toys out of cotton or acyclic.   Want a different creature?  I've made bunnies, ants, spiders, lady-bugs and sheep, and I'd be happy to try anything!

Guh.  I'm all hot and sticky because it is 93degrees out there, and I just went up and down stairs and door to door, putting notes on all my neighbors' doors, asking them not to feed the cats in time for the trapping.  The whole not-feeding part makes me sad, even though it's for a good cause.  Poor hungry fuzzies.  But they'll get tuna-in-oil in traps on Saturday, and they'll be back to being fed regularly right after that. 

Barnaby asks you to spread the word.  Every little bit helps!

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