Sunday, October 24, 2010

Max's Forever Home

Note the shaved bit on his front leg-- from the anesthesia during neutering. Note also the giant paws-he's grown, but has more growing to do!!

Things moved right along for baby Max these past two weeks.  He got his big-boy shots  (which is to say his rabies vaccine), then a few days later he got neutered.  He recovered from the anesthesia faster than any cat I've ever before met, so that was good!  In the roughly 6 weeks he lived with me, he gained 3pounds, which is good, given that he started out malnourished!  His fur became sleek and soft (instead of patchy and coarse), and his whiskers grew back in.  He even started to grow into his long face!  Then a week later (yesterday) he and I flew to the Windy City to deliver him to his forever home, where Dean (from the last litter) will be his big brother! 

Also, Max changed colors.  I'm not kidding.  When I took him to the vet the second time, the vet was highly amused.  Instead of being a typical tuxie cat, Max is now a ... well, I'm not sure how you'd describe him.  His paws are still white, his legs and tail are still black (except in photographs, when his tail appears striped), but his back and the back of his head have turned sort of silvery! He's a seal-point tuxie with mittens? And a stealth striped tail?

His fur grew in silver!
Note the stealth stripes!
 Along the way, Max stole my heart with his loud purr and his sweet cuddling.  He's the kind of cat that, if you put him in your lap, or on your chest, he'll snuggle right in, head down and everything, and rumble away with a purr that seems twice his size.  He even didn't mind (and seemed to like) when I'd nap with him, tucking him under the covers with me! But alas, he could not stay here, of course.  My cats were (mostly) displeased by his very existence, and also, I live in a small flat.  So off we went.

And it turns out that he's doing wonderfully.  He's skittish when his new human moves around (just like here) but otherwise is already behaving so much braver at his new house.  He's been playing and exploring! I'm very proud of him!

I'll finish off this post with just a few more pictures.  But check back here at Project-Cat for some big news this week!!

I think he's plotting something in this pic.

A study in ignoring.  The cat on the left is Jack.

Max likes forts made of pillows and blankies.
Thanks for reading about Max's adventures!

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