Saturday, October 30, 2010


This part?  Sucks.  The cats are hungry-- I haven't fed them, E. hasn't fed them.  Even DNL doesn't seem to have fed them today.  This is good-- hungry cats go in traps.  But it's bad-- they're crying.  Tuxie is sitting on my door step yowling. 

So far today (in going between house and car) I've seen Tuxie, Tig(g)er, Barnaby(Miley) and Paint (!!) -- so that's 4 of the 6.  (I've also seen Mistoffolees and Daisy, and I feel awful for them since they don't need to be caught, but are hungry, poor things.)  Just a few more hours and there will be yummy tuna in oil (eww.) 


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