Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday Pictures

To the left, Mistoffolees.  A picture taken on Saturday, actually.  It's completely unrelated, since he wasn't trapped this time, but he's cute, so I felt like sharing it. :) No, I don't know what those weird patches on his back/rump are-- they've been there for months.  He acts normal, though, so that's all right then.


I already wrote about Moday's release of the feral-five here, but I've got some pictures of the release for you now: You can click on each to see it bigger.  

The Beast, pictured below, is the kind of cat that all those TNR safety warnings are about.  He was angry the whole time.  Alert after anesthesia sooper quick.  After I released him, he ran straight into one of the tunnels.

In the trap, Paint, below, was much calmer.  He even let F (Bea's Mom) pet him a little (not recommended).  When I released him, he ran for the other side of the apartment complex.

 Honestly, I had expected Tuxie to be a good little (big) patient.  Not so much, though.  Upon capture he yowled and yowled piteously.  He was quiet most of Sunday, coming out of anesthesia, but back to hissing and howling on Monday.  His release, necessitating a trip down the stairs accompanied by his caterwauling, attracted us an audience of nosy neighbors in pajamas.  Thanks, Tux. 

He ran straight from his trap to a tunnel-- where he had to stop short because The Beast already occupied that tunnel.  (Yeah, it's a lousy picture with laser-eyed kitties, but it's amusing.)  He seemed completely at a loss as to what to do, despite the existence of another tunnel directly beside the first, and two more just a few feet away.

 Sorry for another lousy quality shot, but proof that after a few minutes in the clearly lesser tunnel (he finally went into the one beside The Beast), Tuxie came back out and started surveying the area as king again.

Tig(g)er dealt with captivity better than anyone else.  Upon original capture he did freak out a bit (he has a small cut on his nose from banging his head into the trap before I could get the sheet on it) but after that he was fine.  He meowed a little, wanting attention, arched his back into the crate for pets, and generally wanted love and food.

Consequently, upon being left out of his trap, he was calm and investigated the situation. 

 He sort of gave off an air of, "What now? What to do? What to do?"
 And within a few minutes, the obvious answer was "Go right back where I started and eat some food."

As you know, Miley had me and The Volunteer and even the vets nervous.  She took a long while to fully wake up from the anesthesia.  The vets gave her a shot of penicillin (because she looked like she needed it...) I was so happy that she ate in the trap, though-- great to get some calories into her, lots of canned kitten food.  

 You can't tell from this picture, but she's actually mid-hiss here.  I got a pretty good look at her teeth while she was snapping at me Monday morning-- gots pretty many of them, it seems. :)  As I said before, I chose to take her orneriness as a good sign, a sign of energy.

She was the last one I let out and she went for the tunnels across from where The Beast had gone.  I had to go to work then, and did not see Miley all day, nor in the evening.  As I mentioned in the last post, Neighbor E. came over to ask if I still had her since she had not shown up for supper. And we both were worried.  Read the next post for more on Miss Miley.

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