Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Cats

When I left this morning to go to a meeting, Tig(g)er was curled up across from my door.  He has, evidently, forgiven me for his sojourn in a trap.  Upon my return and leaving again he was hanging around my door still.  (There's food and water available, no worries.) So that was nice.  But of course I was worried about Miley.

Upon returning home for the first time today, I spent some time just standing in the courtyard hoping to spy cats in general and Miley in particular.  (I only saw Bessie, and didn't not have my camera then.)  But I ran into Neighbor J. (and her little dog Scrappy) and she said that she'd seen a cat matching my description of Miley this morning, sunning herself a bit.  Well, that was good news, but an unconfirmed sighting wasn't enough to totally ease my mind of course.  (She and I also talked a bit about Pigpen and how next time we'll catch her when she has kittens-- not ideal, but better than not catching her.)

Upon returning home for the second time today, I was DELIGHTED to see Miley hanging out in the stairwell!! I still didn't have my camera with me, and tried to take pictures with my phone, but they weren't any good-- it could have been Miely or an alien for all you knew.  So I ran up the steps and nearly tripped over Tig(g)er, sprawled out and looking good.

So of course I gave him a scritch, then stepped over him in my haste to get to my flat and get my camera.  I needed photos of Miley, darn it!

And succeeded!  She'd only gone as far as the edge of my building at this point, but she's always been nervous around me, and more so now, so my movement sent her off into the grass:

And then she settled in to hang out amongst the rocks at the edge of the next building.  If you didn't know she was there  (and have a semi-decent zoom on your camera), you'd think she was one of the rocks. Excellent camouflage for the kitties.

 It's a nice day out, so I sat down on the pavement to see if I couldn't get some better shots. At this point I called Neighbor E. to let her know that Miley was around, but alas, E. did not answer.  Then the UPS guy came to a door and scared Cyrano towards me! Run, Cyrano, run!  I was glad to get a picture of him-- it's been a while!

Then Mr. Tig(g)er sauntered over as if to say, "I'm right here.  Why are you not fawning over me?!"  So I took a picture.

And then he hammed it up.

The sprinklers came on then, chasing me back from the grass, and the same for Miley.  So I circled around the buildings and got this picture of her in a stairwell:

And another, getting just a bit closer-- she's ready to run from me now, though.

And then I headed home, but snapped one more picture of her, as she'd moved again:

So hopefully she went to Neighbor E.'s house to eat some gooshy food tonight, and she continues to feel better.

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Anonymous said...

I may be developing a crush on Tigger. Just a little one.