Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not much new today-- oh crud, yes there is, holy carp.

I'm doing laundry-- why, you may wonder, is this relevant to a blog about feral cats?  Well, for two reasons, actually.  First, because today I am doing the laundry that comes about from taking care of feral cats (ie: the trap covers.  And actually today, also, the last of the foster kitten towels, as I'd somehow missed a baggie's worth, ew.)  And second because doing laundry (for me) means going up and down the stairs and past where the cats generally hang out. 

Anyway, I do have a point.  Today Tuxie came up to the feeding station for the first time (that I've noticed) since the trapping.  He's gotten over it, it seems like. :)  Tig(g)er continues to hang out by my door as well. 

I'll be happier when their ears heal up-- I hate seeing the edges of their tipped ears, even though it was done for a good reason. 

No new news of any kind on Miley.  She's around, she's eating.  I need to make an appointment for her, but I have to figure out how.  I'll update more on her when I know more...

I paused in writing this entry because I had to go move the laundry around and I thought, gee, there might be more news after that.  Sigh.

The good news-- I saw Walsingham and Miley (and Tuxie and Tig(g)er.)  They all seem their usual selves.  Walsingham is curled up in the sun, Miley in the shade, while Tig(g)er is currently sprawled across a step. 


But THERE'S A NEW CAT.  Sigh.  He's big and all black-- he looks like an all black version of Tuxie, actually, with the medium/long hair and poofiness.  He was standing in an awkward position over one of the tunnels-- he was so still as I approached him that for a moment I wondered if I were talking to a stuffed cat that someone had put there (although why ...?)  But no, he was just being very still and managing to keep an eye on me, Tig(g)er and Tuxie all at once.  I sat down nearby in the hope of ascertaining if he is feral or friendly, and he lay down on the tunnel top (while the other two cats were laying in the grass, noses pointed directly at Mr Newcomer.)  But then a toddler (with a balloon) and his (I'm guessing) grandfather came trotting up (the toddler trotting, the grandfather just walking) and dashed after Tig(g)er (the grandfather explaining that they have a cat who looks just like him.)  Anyway, the toddler got very close to the newcomer and said newcomer didn't flinch-- but as I turned to watch the toddler, the newcomer disappeared!  Okay, so he didn't vanish ala Cheshire Cat-- he was sitting in the stairwell of the building across the way-- but it was pretty eerie nonetheless.  Anyway, he didn't seem perturbed by people, so the jury is still out on whether this is a feral, a stray or a pet.

As you can imagine, I'm hoping it's an already speutered pet!  But no collar.  Sigh.

I still have to get my laundry in another 40 minutes so you never know, there might be another update.  (And I did get a picture of the newcomer on my phone.)

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