Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Sir Percy

Yeah, yeah, I thought I was out of this business, too. But alas... as long as people are still idiots who dump their pets, soft-hearted people like me will spend their time and money doing what they can...

I started seeing this little guy around when I got back from my winter travels.  He'd hang out under people's cars, mostly.  But I never saw him around the feeding stations, which made me curious.  Then one evening, as I was walking towards the fitness center, I knelt down and called him over-- and he came.  Yup, this adorable fuzzy is not the least bit feral-- he's clearly a dumped pet.  Sure, he could belong to someone, I suppose, someone who lets him outside, but he's unfixed and had dried bits on his nose/eyes, and was diiiiiirty. He was also a bit cranky after I examined him a bit, and he hopped away from me that night.

Fast-foward a week or so, and as a guest and I were heading out the door to visit some nearby gardens, here was the kitty, sleeping on the landing-- the one opposite the food bowl.  I really think that the ferals were keeping him from the food.  He didn't protest as I scooped him up and took him to the kitten hatchery.

He chowed down on the offered food and immediately started purring like a motor.  Later that day I gave him his first bath.  He hated it, and wanted desperately to escape, but he never once scratched me.

A few days later I got him his first checkup at the vet.  He is FIV and Feline Leukemia negative.  Happy dance!

A friend cared for him for me for a week as I traveled some more, but now I must seek a home for this lovable fuzzy.  The vet says this guy is between 1 and 3 years old.  He is the most loving cat ever-- he just drapes himself in your lap and starts purring.  He even purred at the vet, just sprawling around, waiting for someone to love him.  He's also talkative and will hold meowing conversations with you. 

Sir Percy is currently in the Phoenix area, but arrangements could probably be made to get him elsewhere, if he has captured your heart.  If you know of anyone looking to bring a loving feline into his/her(indoor) life, please let me know, or direct him/her to this post. 

Please, please, please spread the word.  I absolutely cannot keep him-- I ought not even foster him, but, well, see above re: soft heart.


Anonymous said...

I can attest to the fact that this is the friendliest cat ever. He even loves being picked up! Aaaand he wags his tail when he's petted! So cute.

-Bea's momma

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love !