Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Very Bad News

The whole time that Sir Percy was at his first foster home, he tried valiantly to get out the front door, occasionally getting as far as the apartment's steps before being scooped up by his foster dad.  At my house, Sir Percy tried to escape by digging through the glass window-- fortunately he is not equipped with diamond claws and thus could not actually succeed as he'd have had nowhere to go but straight down three floors.

At his current foster home, his attempts to escape continued-- only today he was successful in finding a window that was open just a few inches.  From  there he must have gotten to a lower roof, then to a wall, then, we assume, the ground.  This was about four hours ago, and despite repeatedly walking around the neighborhood, putting out food and used litter (not, obviously, together), there has been no sign of Sir Percy.

Both his current foster mom and I are, obviously, devastated.  I'm particularly concerned that he's in an area of lots of cats and dogs and cars, and not an area he knows.  There are lots of people in this complex who feed strays/ferals, like my complex, but he may be kept from the feeding stations by the ferals, like he was at my place.  I'm concerned that I've made things much worse for the little fuzzie, and I miss him, and I just really, really hope he's okay.

Beatrice's mom and I are sitting outside her house with a dish of wet food that seems to be smelling up the area enough to call two other strays cats and several indoor/outdoor nearby pets, but no sign of Percy.

I will keep you updated as I learn anything.

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