Monday, March 21, 2011

More of Sir Percy

The friend who was fostering Sir Percy brought him back to my place this evening, which has upset all the cats-- the ones who live here permanently and Sir Percy as well.  Sir Percy keeps looking for his foster dad, and being upset when he can't find him, and not settling for me.  (It doesn't help that I gave him his medicine.)  He'll settle down in a bit, I'm sure.  Fortunately, though, Bea's mom has agreed to foster Sir Percy starting tomorrow night.  Poor baby really needs a forever home, though, so he can stop being shuffled from house to house and person to person.

Did you know that black cats are the hardest to adopt out?  There's mostly only anecdotal evidence to support this, but a lot of shelter workers say it's their experience.  This 2008 Seattle Times article cites a 2002 study that supports the claim.  Apparently some people just want more "exiting" or "exotic" looking cats, with stripes or spots.  Or perhaps people are still made nervous by the old wives' tale about them being unlucky.  Not only is that silly-- but it's rather an American superstition.  Evidently in the UK and Asia black cats are lucky! A lot of US pet shelters won't adopt black cats out during October, for fear that they'll either be used as props for Halloween and returned, or that they'll be mistreated as part of pranks and rituals. 

The only black cat fact that I can prove is that it's hard to photograph them!

I have no idea what Sir Percy's story was before he found his way to me, but I know that he's a sweet little love muffin who deserves a great home.


Anonymous said...

I'll let ya'll know if there's any interesting cat interactions other than hissing and swatting on Bea's part. Oh, ma special kitteh.

-Bea's momma

Alicia said...

I remember her last experience with other kitties... Maybe if Sir Percy laid back until Marlowe.

--Kitten and Marlowe's Momma

Alicia said...

Ugh, Laid back unlike... dude my spelling