Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Update!

First off, we're up to $350. I am overwhelmed by people's generosity! And the raffle hasn't even started yet!! Woooo!

When I first heard that I was to be permitted to help these cats (and therefore save them from the exterminators), I was exceptionally relieved. That lasted about half an hour until the financial reality set in-- how was I going to be able to *pay* for it? To get AzCATS help you have to be able to donate, preferably the amount it costs per cat. That night (last Thursday, I believe), I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and fretted. But now I think it's going to be okay, and it's all due to the exceptional generosity of people all over the internet!

Some of the cats were very cooperative this afternoon, so I've been able to update the Flickr set with a number of pictures. Feel free to check those out. :)

And the Raffle Prize List grows!

20. Custom Mermaid Doll like the one you can see here by Jennifer St. Clair. So lovely! And poseable! (Um, although most likely true of the artist, my comments are about the doll!)

21. 3-Pack of Assorted Handknit Catnip filled Cat-toys by LJ's Rubrchick. She's very kindly agreed to make two sets available!

22. Custom Knit Stuffed Cat, also by Rubrchick. She's offered to make the kitty to match the coloring of your cat, perhaps, or maybe of one you've sponsored... :)

23. Handmade Kitty Print by LJ's Redzshadow. She says it's inspired by this feral colony.

24. Small origami cat, framed also by Redzshadow.

25. Custom piece of cat-themed Jewelry, made of pure brass and Czech glass, created by Etsy's Pretty In Peace.

26. Promotional CDs from Next Dimension Music.

27. Any One Item from Etsy's Carlykinsboutique. "Hair accessories for the Princess in your life!"

And believe it or not, there are still a few people I'm waiting to hear from regarding specifics of
their donations to the raffle. I'm getting very excited.

The raffle will run from Monday (4/28) for two weeks, concluding Sunday 5/11 at midnight (um, let's say US Pacific time, that's 3am Eastern). Winners will be drawn on Monday 5/12 and posted by that evening (AZ time, which in the summer is the same as Pacific.)

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