Sunday, April 27, 2008


So, here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: THE RAFFLE.

Here's how it works: Tickets cost $1. ($10 gets you 11 tickets, and $20 gets you 25.) Next you need to let me know what you want your tickets to go towards. Feel free to put them all towards one prize item, or split them up.

(Questions? Concerns? email me:

Be sure to read over all the prizes-- there are new ones at the bottom! Most of the images below have the watermarked on them, but those are not on the originals. (I probably didn't need to mention that, but thought better safe than sorry...)


1. Summer Reading Bundle-- 6 Romance novels by various authors, in nearly new condition: One Sinful Night, Kaitlin O'Riley; Sixpence Bride, Virginia Farmer; A Most Unsuitable Groom, Kasey Michaels; How to Engage an Earl, Kathryn Caskie; Seduction is Forever, Jenna Petersen; Wicked, Shannon Drake; The Perfect Wife, Victoria Alexander.

2. Brownies of Doom-- Seriously, these aren't just any brownies, these are brownies made by Tamnonlinear which are both epic and infamous. You can read more about them here. There will be three sets of these, so three chances to win!! Caveat: These can only be shipped in the Continental US. Each set equals 18 brownies.

3. Herbal Dream Pillow-- Made by the inimitable Xiane, to, as she puts it, "dream about happy kitties!"

4. Alice in Wonderland Stickers-- Hand drawn, then scanned in and printed, then hand colored using water color pencils. The stickers in the image have not yet been cut.

5. Framed Landscape Diptych by Arkstangent.

6. $50 Gift Certificate for Custom Jewelry by Kythryne of Wyrding Studios. This is for custom work (not premade and already in the shop) and for work done by Kythryne herself (not by the other artists at Wyrding.)

7. Hand knit purple-y Fox-Cat Creature (stuffed)-- by me.

8. Duckie Stitch Markers by Medusa's Mirror. 5 lampwork duckie beads on rings that will fit up to a size 9 needle.

9. A Dozen Handmade Greeting Cards by Willedit, in assorted sentiments.

10. Custom Story or Poem by Shadesong, author of Shayara.

11. A Bagsket by Oddharmonic. (Two available!) made in the winners' choices of colorways. (This is a bagsket.)

12. A 6x6x6" Fabric Box in Mary Englebreit prints by Oddharmonic.

13. A Handmade Collage Pendant made by Shadesong.

14. A Quart of Scrap-booking Materials -- new materials in a full quart-sized ziploc baggie.

15. A Harcover copy of The Space Child's Mother Goose -- donated by Oddharmonic. You can read more about this awesome looking book here.

16. Gently Worn Hanna Andersson long-sleeve playdress and a pair of opposite stripe leggings in size 110 (about a girls' 5 or 6), orchid/cool pink stripe.

17 . Custom hat by Emilytheslayer -- As described in her own words: Everyone needs a hat! Now you can get one made to your measurements, in your favorite colors or in the nerdy theme of your choice! You send me your measurements (or those of someone you want a hat made for), what colors you want, or what nerdy hat you want, and fiber issues, and I knit it up and send it to you. This is supposed to be a fairly quick thing for me, so I'm not going to promise a lot of crazy colorwork or anything huge and complicated, but I will do: stripes, team colors, Harry Potter house colors, JAYNE HAT, Life Aquatic Team Zissou cap, something else you can think of that I would certainly be willing to discuss. I'm not going to spend a lot of money on luxury yarn for this, but I will do my best to work with you on any fiber allergies or sensitivities (No alpaca because that's MY allergy :) ). Wool does not itch, my favorite yarn for hats is a wool/mohair blend that is cheap and comes in a huge variety of colors, but is slightly itchy (it's the mohair), but I have testimonials from at least five people who swear it's not bad.

18. Stick Figure Theatre Presents: Shakespeare of Your Choice-- I'm not entirely sure how to describe this. Suffice it to say that sometimes I draw snarky stick figure cartoons of movies, or television shows, or most often, of romance novels. If you win this prize, I will draw a Stick Figure Theatre of your choice of Shakespearean play, any one of the 37. (We can negotiate over another early modern play, if you wish...) You can see some of my early work in the BlakeToons. I recommend the DS:9 "blake-isode." These were created a long time ago, and using MSPaint. I draw in pen now, but it'll give you an idea of the, uh, humor, and, heh, style.

19. Hand-knit Organic Catnip Filled Cat Toy shaped like a fish. Made by me.

20. Custom Mermaid Doll like the one you can see here by Jennifer St. Clair.

21. 3-Pack of Assorted Handknit Catnip filled Cat-toys by LJ's Rubrchick. She's very kindly agreed to make two sets available! Twice the possibility of winning this!

22. Custom Knit Stuffed Cat, also by Rubrchick. She's offered to make the kitty to match the coloring of your cat, perhaps, or maybe of one you've sponsored... :)

23. Handmade Kitty Print by LJ's Redzshadow. She says it's inspired by this feral colony.

24. Small origami cat, framed also by Redzshadow.

25. Custom piece of cat-themed Jewelry, made of pure brass and Czech glass, created by Etsy's Pretty In Peace.

26. Promotional CDs from Next Dimension Music.

27. Any One Item from Etsy's Carlykinsboutique. "Hair accessories for the Princess in your life!"

28. Bundle of Manga: 6 books of manga: Pearl Pink #1, Meca Tanaka; Nosatsu Junkie #1, Ryoko Fukuyama; Blank #1, Pop Mhan; Zapt!, Shannon Denton & Keith Giffen; Mugan Spiral #1, Mizuho Kusanagi;Recast #1, Seung-Hui Kye. All of the manga is rated Teen: 13+ , except Zapt! which is rated 8-12, and Blank which is rated 16+

29. Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, and More! by Christen Haden of NeedleNoodles. In hardcover, no less! See the Amazon page.

30. Crochet Scarf in Green & Beige, acrylic yarn

31. Crochet Scarf in Pink & Beige, acrylic yarn

32. Copper & Bead Bracelet by Medusas's Mirror.

33. Wandering Womb Stickers by Blergeatkitty. The ancient Greeks (and therefore everyone in the middle ages, through the early modern period and lasting rather far into the Victorian period) believed that hysteria, and a number of other female issues, were caused by the womb wandering about in a woman's body. This amused Blerg and I a great deal, and she created these stickers. Take back your womb!

34. Black & White Portrait by Arkstangent, in an antique frame.

35. Set of Body Products by Sweetgracieforme in scent of your choice. Set includes
foaming body meringue, a whipped body butter, and a moisturizing body dew.

36. Set of 8 Cat Stickers drawn by me, then hand colored with water color pencils. (Image is of the stickers uncut.)

37. BOSTON AREA ONLY: A Place at a Soul Collage Workshop, held on June 14th (date pending confirmation). For more information, visit the website.

38. BOSTON AREA ONLY: A Sunday Reiki Session in Somerville, MA.


Shadesong said...

What's the age range on the manga?

NancySC said...

I'm assuming we enter by donating--how do we indicate the prize we want?

Project Cat said...

Oops, good question. All of them are rated Teen, 13+, except Zapt! which is 8-12, and Blank which is Older Teen, 16+

Project Cat said...

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