Sunday, May 4, 2008

Five moo-cow kitties. Five. At least. The two at right are the ones without any kind of name. The one in profile is the one that has the black chin in the picture below. After popping up out of the tunnel and spotting me, the one with the splotch on his nose disappeared pretty darn quick and I didn't see him again today.

I saw another three moo-cows beneath their usual bush, too, all lined up. I spotted Mustache first, which was a nice surprise as he's usually pretty scarce. As I was trying (and failing) to get his picture, I realized I'd startled Cyrano into running beneath a different bush. Bessie was there, too, although at first I wasn't sure it wasn't her and I irritated her until she moved enough that I could see the white spot in the black spot on her back. So, 5 moo-cow kitties, at least.

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