Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tomorrow's the Big Day.

No real news today, I'm afraid. I've only ventured out into the bright AZ sun once today and there was only one orange cat around, and he was unwilling to be photographed. From my balcony, a few hours later, I can see that the normal number of cats are milling around (probably looking for food, and being confused that there isn't any in the normal spots.) Alas, I'm suffering from a nasty headache, and don't really feel up to heading back into the sunlight (or leaving my flat at all, frankly.)

But, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. Most importantly, we'll start trapping the cats. The volunteer from AzCATs will be here, as will two friends of mine. I anticipate much waiting around, much smelling of tuuuuna and much anxiety (on my part) whenever a trap goes off. Eek.

Tomorrow is *also* the last day to buy Raffle Tickets. So, purchase now! :) Winners will be announced at some point on Monday 5/12. (Between cat-nabbing and other commitments I can't be more precise about when I'll be contacting winners, sorry.) Remember, tickets are only a dollar ($10=11 tickets, $20=25 tickets) and some items still only have 1 person bidding on them, which means you have an excellent chance at winning some of the fantastic prizes.

Lastly, and very importantly, you should know that Tamnonlinear is, even as I type, currently making The Brownies.

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