Monday, May 5, 2008

Cyrano, mostly

Not much news today, but I did get some close pictures of Cyrano.

Just a reminder, the raffle goes until Sunday, May 11th. You can buy tickets until midnight, US Eastern time (9pm AZ time.) Winners will be announced at some point on Monday, May 12th.

As I'm sure you're wondering, the Brownies have 257 tickets to their name at this point. Just 43 more and Tamnonlinear will make a third batch (meaning 3 more prizes for a total of 9.)

New pictures up on the Flickr Set, too.

::blink:: I just figured out how much money we've raised. I mentioned a few days ago that we had surpassed the $1000 goal, but people have continued to be exceptionally generous, knowing that all donations will go to the continuing care of these beautiful cats.

We have raised (are you sitting down??) $1903.78.

(Um, no one has donated pocket change or anything, it's just PayPal fees that give the change.)

That's not just raffle ticket purchases, of course, that's total. (That includes hitting up family members and making sad faces at my coworkers. It also includes several incredibly generous donations.)

When we started, I didn't honestly think we'd make it to $1000. Instead, we've made almost twice that.

Wanna break $2000? ;o)

There are two things I cannot stress enough. The first is *thank you* for your incredible generosity. Thank you thank you thank you. Every dollar has helped us reach and surpass this goal.

The second is that even though we have surpassed the minimum donation necessary to trap and spay/neuter these cats, all donations above and beyond will absolutely still go to the cats. As you know, I'm not entirely certain how many cats there are, so there is the potential for more spay/neuter costs. When we take them to the vet this coming week, there could be other unforeseen costs. Then there's the continued maintenance of the cats, the basics. (They go through an 18 pound bag of cat chow roughly every 5 days-- and that's with other neighbors feeding them! That means that food alone costs me $72/month. So, yeah, I'm *really* glad we've surpassed the minimum goal!!)

I... yeah... just, thank you.

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