Friday, May 9, 2008

Brief Update

I didn't get home this evening until around 9pm. I came charging up the stairs, not expecting any kitties to be eating because there had been food on the first floor. Apparently Little Orange and Crooked-Kitteh prefer to eat upstairs because I came face to face with two startled kitties, only about 2 feet from them. I backed away, not wanting to make them go hurtling over the third floor only to run down the flights of stairs on the other side. It makes me irrationally pleased, though, that they didn't seem to mind, after a moment, that I was so close, and that they prefer to eat upstairs.

But what makes me sad is that now we don't feed the kitties again 'til we trap them. It's going to be very hard to see them tomorrow being all, "So, where's our foods?"

Otherwise, not much to update on. I saw Miss Calico today, though, which was good-- I hadn't for a while and was getting worried. A few pictures uploaded to the Flickr Set. (15 pictures.)

The Raffle ends Sunday! Don't forget! Tell your friends! Buy raffle tickets for your mother for Mother's Day!

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