Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Athos Recovered & Returned

Because the Moo-Cow -Kitty-With-a -Mustache is both too long to say/type all the time, and because he has no sponsor, I decided to name him after a Musketeer because his mustache/goatee made me think of, well, musketeers. Oddharmonic and I decided that he shall be Athos.

Athos was a quiet guest in 'recovery.' I don't know if he ate his dinner -- he certainly didn't before I went to bed, but when I cleaned out his trap this morning I also didn't find much in the way of dinner remains. Then again, I didn't look closely. He did, apparently, get bored during the night. He pulled much of his cover into the back of the trap, and shredded his newspaper and the paper plate that held his dinner. So we know that Athos likes to keep busy.

He was alert faster than any of the kitties that came through here in the first dozen. By evening, when the Volunteer came over and changed the newspaper, Athos seemed as awake and feral as if he'd never been trapped and altered. This morning he seemed okay, no sign of trouble, so I took him downstairs and released him. He was actually quite patient, not running towards the door at the first sign of grass but waiting for me to slide the gate up.

Bessie was waiting near the tunnels to welcome Athos back. (Okay, actually Athos ran right past Bessie.)

I haven't been out much today other than to take Athos out, so Bessie is the only cat I've seen. Other than my nemesis, Pigpen, who sat in the grass while I was up on the balcony with Athos. She taunts me.

I'll keep trying to update this blog daily with pictures/reports of the first 13, so to speak, but things will probably quiet down here a bit until the next attempt at trapping, which isn't actually all that far away. (Pigpen, you will be mine. Also need to catch Moo-Cow #5, Black-with-White-Toes and Splotch.)

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