Monday, May 12, 2008

Night Two

I have definitively spotted Pigpen, Mustache and Splotch (!!!), but none of them seem the least bit interested in the traps. Eight traps are set out, and they're all empty and all have been. (I've also seen Gremlin and Amaranth, but of course we're not trying to catch them.)

Also, I might have heard kittens when I stuck my head in one of the storm drains. When the Volunteer calls, I'll get his opinion on releasing the two females that I have up here on my balcony. (Um, I hope it's clear I mean releasing releasing, not, like, releasing on my balcony. On my balcony is where they are currently not where they'd be when released.)

Some nights the ferals outsmart the humans and their boxes of tuna. And entries like this one show that this particular human isn't all that hard to outsmart, some nights!

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