Saturday, May 17, 2008

Like-minded Folks

While at the post office today (to mail 5 packages and 17 letters, geez), a guy asked why I had so many letters, did I run a business or something. I tried to explain succinctly (not wanting to bore him), that I had raised money to save a lot of cats and that I was sending out some thank you notes. The guy inquired further, and I explained about feral cats. While doing so, another woman in line explained that she, too, had done the same for cats at he work place, for probably 20 cats, but she had bought her own traps. (Okay, but did she have a blog? Heh.) So, I met someone like-minded, and spread the word a little further to some strangers. (Not about this colony, I mean, that's not necessary at the moment, but about feral cats in general, and about Altered Tails.)

I also spent some time outside this afternoon and got a few pictures, but not many. Naturally a whole bunch of cats were out and about this evening when I got home and it was too dark to properly see who they were. I tend to ask them "Who are you?" when I see a cat I can't immediately identify (an orange, for example, or a moo-cow, or when dark, Mr Mistoffolees and Gremlin.) Yes, I ask aloud. No, I don't expect them to answer. Yes, I've gotten some strange reactions of late.

Oh well. So, I'm eccentric. That's hardly a surprise!

Just 7 pictures today: Walsingham, Pigpen, and Little Grey (first sighting since the release!). All available in Flickr Set #2.


Anonymous said...

I got a pigpen sticker in the mail today! And a very nice thank you card.

Thank *you*!

Project Cat said...

@duckierose: You're welcome! I'm very grateful for your donation, and wanted to be sure that you knew that. :)