Friday, May 16, 2008

Blurry Pictures

I spent the better part of the day writing notes to donors, making wee gifts for sponsors and boxing up raffle prizes. This meant a lot of writing, a lot of sitting on my couch and a lot of DVD watching, so I really don't know why I'm so tired! (Raffle winners who won stuff from me: your stuff's going in the mail tomorrow.) But I did get outside for a half hour of "wildlife photography" so that's good. The cats are out and about again-- I've spotted most of them-- but they're a great deal more skittish than they were before the Great Cat Nabbing of 2008 and who can blame them? The downside to this is that a lot more of my photos are blurry. I'm posting them to Flickr anyway because I figure sponsor (and other curious people!) might like to see how their cats are doing and will settle for a blurry photo over nothing at all. So, 19 new photos in the Part 2 Flickr Set. (Cats include: Aloysius, Bozo, Crooked-Kitteh, Daisy, Daphne, Gandolf, Pigpen, Walsingham)

Walsingham (previously "Little Orange") was particularly good today, lazing about and letting me take his picture. At one point I did get too close, and he got up, but he also lay back down again approximately one foot from where he'd been before. He and Crooked-Kitteh also were hanging out together and eating food (but CK got scared faster than Walsingham did.) In his pictures you can see his ear-tip. His looks a bit odd, like maybe he scratched at it? Still, as much as it pains me that we had to ear-tip them, it's absolutely for the best. Not only does it tell me who has been TNRed, but it can tell other people in the future, and even potentially save the cats' lives.

Earlier in the day, both Crooked-Kitteh and either Gremlin or Mr Mistoffolees were lounging in the grass. The other mystery is the Cat Under the Bush. She has the markings of Pigpen, but, and presumably it's just the photo, she looks a slightly different shape (and cleaner.) I hope she's not another cat-- I'm about 95% sure it's Pigpen just looking odd in the picture... I hope. (I really don't need matching nemesises! Nemesisii? What's the plural of nemesis?!)

Oh! And Downstairs-Neighbor-Lady came outside while I was taking pictures and on the phone. She asked about the cats and wanted to know if any of them could be found homes. I tried to explain that even Daisy (who was, apparently, born on Downstairs-Neighbor-Lady's porch) is much too feral.... it was an odd conversation, but most of them with DNL are. Still, she seemed happy that I would continue to feed them.

So, that's today's news. :)

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