Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brownies of DOOM

Raffle prize #2, which is to say Tamnonlinear's Brownies of Doom, (also known as chocolate overload creme de menthe killer death divorce brownies of doom) have garnered an incredible amount of interest in this raffle so far. In fact, 171 tickets have been put towards the three sets currently available.

But Tam is a wonderful person, and has agreed to offer another batch (which is to say 3 more prizes!) if the ticket numbers break 200. She's considering an experimental raspberry version. [Oh my goodness, that's what *I* want! :D]

So, buy your tickets, place 'em where you like, and remember the brownies!!

Caveat: Brownies can only be shipped in the Continental US. (If you're outside the US but would like to put your tickets towards these brownies to be sent to someone *else* inside the continental US, that'd be fine.)

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the crazy cat lady but you beat me I have been feeding them since Feb. when I moved here from ca. I go throught 20lbs of food a month. I wondered way they were getting so fat and not eating all there food. I used to take the cats in my neighborhood to the ca. cat coalichtion or how ever u spell it. so glad to know someone can help out here....Deb