Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back from another Vet Trip

Another vet, another vet tech, and neither could believe the number and size of the fleas. Ew. But the vet tech was so incredibly helpful-- she washed off the fuzzy black kitty and cleaned out his eyes, and combed out some fleas, then wrapped him up in a warm towel. The dilute calico hid under a towel dispenser. She calmed me down, too-- I was in tears 'til she came in, just worrying about the fuzzies.

The vet came in, a very nice woman who introduced herself and actually talked to me. (I liked her better than yesterday's vet. There are about a dozen at this place, and you can request ones, but at this point I just go to whomever is available. This one greeted me with, "I hear you have your hands full.") Yesterday's vet had refused to do a fecal, and this vet didn't want to poke things at the kittens, either, but assumed that they have various worms, plus we're assuming coccydia, since Beatrice had that when she came to me. It appears that the black kitten's intestines are okay, but the calico's are gooshy (So she's the explosive diarrhea kitten, which explains how it got onto the black kitten's back.) If the dewormer stuff doesn't clear it up, I'm to bring them a sample. Lovely.

I had to wait a long while for the vet tech to come back. At this point I decided that the kittens deserved names, poor dears. So they are now Mal and Zoe, characters from the tv show Firefly. I named them that because they are strong characters, and I hoped that it'll give them strength to overcome what's wrong and their fears.

The vet tech showed me that the kittens just needed one dose of dewormer and I half-jokingly asked if she'd help me give it to them now. She said yes, hurrah, so the kittens have had that. I then gave them their Albon (lots more of a dose than Beatrice got 6 weeks ago!) when we got home.

As far as not eating, I'm to offer them a variety of foods and force feed if necessary. So I sat down with Zoe and got her to eat a whole bunch of Turkey baby food. It's not so much force feeding as it is precisely dripping food onto her tongue when it comes out to lick. Heh. Mal did the same, so now they're both fed, and I'll try feeding them more later-- I have to go out for the evening, to an engagement I really can't back out of. Besides, the babies probably don't want to be poked at for a while anyway.

In Beatrice news, she comes running whenever you open the door and launches herself at your leg. It's adorable. :)


Eve said...

Thanks for the update. You're taking great care of the kitties.

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing. You have a wonderful heart!

Mousecanknit said...

thanks for the pictures. damn, but i wish i could take the calico -- she's beautiful.