Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kitten Improvement

The wee ones in my bathroom are improving-- they've not only learned what a litter box is (hurrah!) but there seems to be no repeat of the terrifying liquid poo explosion of the previous night. I couldn't find any appropriate baby food at Walgreen's, so I'll have to go to a real store later. They don't seem to mind eating kitten food from my fingers, but they won't *start* with that-- they seem to need the syringe to tell them that this is food to start with. So, I mixed some kitten food with warm water and syringe fed first. (As I say, it's not so much force feeding as it is bottle-feeding sans bottle- they'll lick from the syringe, which is adorably cute.) I also got them to each eat several finger-fuls of 'nutrical', which is good. Beatrice never really took to it, but these two seem to like it.

Yesterday at the vet, Mal's one eye was completely shut, it was so full of goo. I haven't gotten the prescription filled for that yet (although it has now been dropped off, which took a good long while as I had to explain that this was for a cat, so my birthdate really wasn't going to be of much help for their system. Neither am *I* in their system. Mal now is. Heh.) But even so, while I cleaned a bit of goop out of both of their eyes today (mainly from Zoe), they weren't nearly as problematic as yesterday.

I'm really proud of these two brave little toasters. They can't be feeling well, they're scared, and all they have is each other, but they're doing pretty well. I'll be far more happy when I see them playing and such, but even so, they're brighter eyed today, and there's just all around improvement.

Greater improvement will occur, though, when I finally find a flea comb. Neither the vet nor Walgreen's had one (no surprise on the latter) and I can't find mine. I'll pick one up later on, though, so that'll be okay.

Now, though, Beatrice and I are off to visit her Forever Mommy and watch Firefly (Mal and Zoe's namesakes!)

There will be more pictures later, I'm sure. Quite frankly, I can't get over how enormous Mal's ears are, or how pretty his eyes (when not goopy), and how generally beautiful Zoe is. Finding my camera, though, would be an excellent step in the right direction...

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Eve said...

Yay! I'm so glad the kittens are doing better.