Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Vet Visit Over-- sigh of relief!

Just a quick update, as I have to go do non-Project-Cat related things for a bit, but I knew that some people would worry about how the vet appointment went.

Malcolm: Didn't sneeze at the vet at all, of course, just like anyone going to the doctor. Has gained more than a pound since coming to live with me (!!). Seems very healthy-- good strong heart, the vet said. Everyone thinks he's beautiful. He's now on antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection we assume that he has.

Zoe: Poor baby was insulted and then poked and prodded. The vet asked if her "distended abdomen" might just be that she's getting fat (I pointed out that you can still feel her ribs, so it is a bit weird) and upon picking Zoe up said, "You do have some junk in the trunk, don't you?" heh. Poor thing. Then she got poked a whole lot to get a fecal sample (I tried to get one from the litter box today, but nothing doing) but they succeeded and we should know those results on Monday. The vet said that fecal tests aren't 100% since the parasites shed intermittently, so it's not too unusual if the first one came back negative but this one comes back positive. The vet tech looked at her mouth, too, because it seemed to me that Zoe wasn't quite comfortable eating, even though she's often eating when I'm in the room (I wonder if she eats mostly when I'm there-- If I'm equated with food-time), but the tech saw nothing at all unusual with her mouth.

She's also to go on the antibiotics 'cause the two kittens are always together.

Both kittens also get their ears cleaned. They were treated for ear mites last time we were at the vet, but they have such ... gook in their ears (which both vet and vet tech commented on) so I now have cleaning stuff. 'Cause, y'know, it's not hard enough to make the kittens trust me, let's add squirting medicine into them twice a day, and squishing out their ears with goo and cotton balls once a day...

Pictures later or tomorrow 'cause I took a bunch before we went to the vet. :)

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Eve said...

Nothing like the thrill of wrestling a cat to clean its ears. I can relate all too well. They'll still love you, but you will pay.