Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sometimes I forget that the little things can build up to make a decent-sized update. Or maybe it's just that I wait for enough little things to come around before updating... Or maybe I'm just lazy. :)

First up, there are 12 new pictures in Beatrice's set new in that they've just been uploaded, but they're old in that they're from Baby's First Sleepover.. They're They were taken by Beatrice's forever-mommy. She's got a better and faster camera and got some awesome pictures.

There are also 12 new pictures in the Wild Kittens' set. Those really are new, in that they were taken yesterday. :)

As for those Wild Kitties, Mal and Zoe, they're doing pretty well. They're eating and drinking. Poo is still... problematic. If they're lying against the far wall when I come into the bathroom (or if Zoe is perched on the bathtub's edge), they won't run-- if they were walking about, though, they'll still run to hide behind the toilet. However, if I pick up Zoe and hold her and pet her, she starts to purr and doesn't try to run away for a few minutes. Mal... he purred once while I was holding him, but I think he's claiming it as an accident. :) When I'm not in the bathroom, but near it, I can hear bumps and thumps coming from in there, so obviously the kittens are playing (or at the very least, moving about a lot) but they don't so much play when I'm there, although I have gotten Mal to chase the laser pointer and they both still like the fish-on-a-string. They're also comfortable enough to eat while I'm there, which they weren't when I first brought them in.
In contrast, Beatrice is bigger (probably from 4 extra weeks of good food), and feistier. One can often see her wee paws poking out from under the bedroom door. She has improved her launching skills, and can now get as high as my thigh when running to me to get my attention. She prefers feather toys over all others, but isn't particularly picky and will attack anything, including and especially noses.

Outdoors has returned to 'normal'-- the waters subsided, though it took 2 days for the water in the cats' normal area to disappear, and the ground is still muddy, and much of the grass seems to have died. Keep in mind that I'm not outside very much, given the weather and such, but the cats I've seen since the flooding include: Mistoffolees, Creamsicle, Little Grey Girl, Gandolf, Amaranth, Daphne, Bessie, and Athos. There may have been more Moo-Cow Kitties that I couldn't tell apart from a distance. (If I can see their faces, or if I can't see Bessie from directly above, I tend to assume that it's Bessie, as he's the one around most often.) I'll keep updating as I notice more of them.

Oh, and someone removed yet another box that I put out for their food. The cats once had a nice(ish) plastic feeder, but it got thrown out, so I've been using cardboard boxes ever since. I put out another one tonight-- the fourth. I know cats will just as easily eat food off the ground, but I figure that a dish a) might keep a few insects out, and b) looks a *little* nicer and will make management less unhappy. Grrr. Oh well. This dish is the top to a box I had. I have the bottom, too, which will be the next dish, when this one gets destroyed. At least the water dish is still there.

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Eve said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering all week about the kitties.