Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kitty, kitty, kitty

The vet visit isn't for another 3+ hours, and I'll post when we get back.

Note to self: do not look up kitty symptoms on the internets as you'll only end up scaring yourself. Eek. I don't know if I want the vet visit to hurry up and get here so that I'll be reassured, or if I want to avoid it because of what the diagnosis might be. Oh please, please let it be something simple and curable and easy.

I don't know if it's because he's not feeling well or what, but Malcolm has taken to dry-nursing. Apparently that's what he wants when he meows at me-- to suck on my finger. He lay in my lap, purring contentedly, and sucked on my finger for a good long while. (There's no clock in my bathroom, but I'd have to guess it was about a half hour.) Zoe would occasionally come by to see what the fuss was, but she seemed to be clearer about anatomy. She was still happy to be petted, though.

Two weeks ago they stayed away from me, hiding and hissing. Now they curl up in my lap and purr. :)


Eve said...

I've heard that when they knead on you and act like they're nursing, they are releasing endorphins. I have one who is nearly 9, and kneads on me a lot. I'm usually covered with sharp claw prickle marks, but she looks so happy.

As for looking at kitty symptoms on the internet, it can be both helpful and scary. I hope the vet went well and put your fears to rest.

Project Cat said...

@Eve: One of my adult cats sucks on her own tail! She kneads a lot (either on me, or a cushion) while doing it, and it's pretty much the only time she purrs. I have a hard time falling asleep if she's not beside me, sucking on her tail and purring. :) But this is definitely the first time I've actually had a cat try to nurse *on* me, even though I've heard of other cat-owners whose cats suck on their ears, etc. Malcolm sucked on my fingertip for another few minutes before the vet, then tried various places on my hand. Zoe just sort of seemed to think that he was crazy. :)

As for the symptoms, thankfully it seems that everything is the minor problems that I original expected. ::Sigh of relief::!