Friday, July 25, 2008

Bite-Sized Updates

It's 6:30 in the morning, and I don't do mornings, so please bear with me here...

Firstly, while doing laundry last night, I spotted Daisy! And a cow-kitty (who was not Bessie, because I could also see Bessie at that moment) who I could not identify from where I was. So while I can't say for sure who the moo-cow was, we can definitely add Daisy to the post-flood safe list.

I'm a bit worried about Zoe. She eats-- I've seen her-- but she's not gaining weight the way I'd expect her to (or the way her brother is.) And she's not very playful. She's become very loving, though. Today was the first time she actually came over and seemed to ask to be picked up. Even when she doesn't ask to be picked up, she starts purring almost as soon as yo do. She'll sit in my lap, and rutch around, getting all the best spots petted, purring up a storm.

Mal is also getting more comfortable. As long as I'm sitting down, he'll come out of hiding, and hang out near me. He, too, starts purring as soon as you pick him up. Today I held him for ages, waiting for him to get bored and get up, but he didn't! Hurrah! He also makes very strange meows... I don't know what he wants, and his meows are almost creepy... I wonder if, along with his multi-colored coat and longish fur, he's exhibiting some kind of exotic-ish cat genes... His meows remind me a bit of my friend's evil Himalayan, you see. (Also, his eyes have remained the most beautiful blue-green color!)

Little Miss Beatrice, also known as the kitten who is all TEETH, is also doing well. She kept me company as I sorted a myriad of clothes and such yesterday, pouncing on anything that moved, or looked like it might move soon. Sadly, this also includes me. Nothing like a kitten who will attack you and purr while doing it.

No pictures just now-- see above re: 6:30am. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, 6:30, I must agree that's a bit early for me also.
Anyway, glad to hear the babies are doing well.
And I need to let you know that catnip critter you sent Zoey...well for some reason this has been the week to play with it. She has been "high" for the last two evenings, which of course means that I become a human race track.
She'll pop up out of the corner onto the sofa and run from that across the chairs (occassionally she'll include jumping on poor Maggie(the dog) who is sound asleep) and back to the floor to run into the kitchen turn around and reverse the trip!!!!
I will have to order some more of those little critters from you but only after she goes with her mother back to school - that way she can torture her rather than me:-)
Keep up the good work~you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Sorry kiddo, I seem to have forgotten my password :(. suggestions as to how I can retrieve it or change it? dtigersm

dtigersm said...

Ok so maybe I need an explanation as to how exactly I need to do this?