Monday, July 21, 2008

Good News! (Colony Update)

I had not meant to leave my flat today, to be quite honest. I haven't felt well. But I convinced myself that a walk as far as the mailroom wouldn't kill me, and I'm really glad that I did.

One of the things that has been weighing on my mind has been the lack of Walsingham (previously known as Little Orange) and of Agatha (once known as Little Crooked.) I hadn't mentioned it here because I didn't want to worry anyone, but I hadn't seen them in weeks. I thought perhaps the fact that they were both missing was a good thing, as I so rarely had seen one without the other. Perhaps, I'd hoped, they'd just both moved somewhere with better food.

Well, tonight I saw them! Upon leaving my flat I spotted Barnaby (nee Splotch) lying out in the grass, so I retreated to get my camera. The light was terrible so the photos really suck, but, well, long time readers are used to that here... Regardless, you'll have to just believe me about most of this because the photos are that bad. I've adjusted the brightness/contrast in a few just to prove that I saw cats at all, and not like, aliens or racoons or will'o'the'wisps.

Upon getting down to the first floor, I turned back towards the stairs and saw two cats-- one was clearly Amaranth and the other, I thought, was Creamsicle. He was lying in front of DNL's front door, so I snapped a picture. As the image zipped from my camera screen, I noticed that there was too much white for it to be Creamsicle. I took a second look and a second picture and sure enough, it's Walsingham! He later got up and walked away, giving me enough of a look to know that he hasn't filled out entirely (and walking I'd never mistake him for Creamsicle) but that his face is a bit broader now, which, coupled with dusk, made for my confusion.

This meant that when I saw another small grayish cat in the half-light, I took a second look to be sure that it was Little Grey Girl, and indeed, it wasn't! Lying with Gandolf and Barnaby was, in fact, Agatha! (LGG did make an appearance, though, peeking out from her usual tunnel.) I'm really pleased. Oh! And while I didn't any pictures, before going back for my camera I also spotted Aloysius. So it appears that the majority of my colony has weathered the flood without too much difficulty, although a few moo-cows are still MIA. So, in fact, is Daisy. ::frowns:: But then again, I haven't been out much. I think, though, that I'll go back to keeping my camera by the front door so that I grab it before going anywhere, reminding me to look carefully for the kitties.

In kitten news, I can now, with regularity, get Mal to purr when he's in my lap. :D

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