Friday, July 25, 2008

I sense another vet visit.

So, Mal is sneezing a lot, which I assume means Upper Respiratory Infection time. It's not a real surprise, other than how long it's taken to manifest.

The only question becomes, do I make an appointment for Zoe, too? She's not sneezing, mind you. But she's not playing like you'd expect a kitten her age to do, nor does she seem to be gaining weight. Her belly is pretty big (worms? despite a clean fecal test?) but you can still feel every rib. Mal, on the other hand, has put on lots of weight (like he's supposed to.)

So, when I make an appointment for Mal, should I make one for Zoe, too?

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dtigersm said...

Hmmmm. Perhaps you should tell the vet exactly what you told us in your post and let them make the call? I have certainly done that many times with my critters...especially since one never knows just how contagious they may be or not be, which is the question.