Sunday, April 27, 2008

Late Night News & Updates

First, THE RAFFLE is now live. Go forth and purchase tickets. (Be sure to tell me what you want them to go towards!!) Pass this site along to everyone you know so that other can enter!!

Second, the kitties didn't want to let me take their pictures today. I managed to find 9 of them at once tonight, but by then it was 7:30 and the light was fading so all I managed were blurs. Still, I did get a few good ones of one of the orange cats and of Bozo. Check out the Flickr Set as per usual. :)

Oh! And the highest donor will receive a special incentive type gift! More information on what it will include as it gets figured out. :)

Lastly, if you've already donated, but want to buy tickets, please let me know!!

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