Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Short Update

The Raffle is going strong, and I'm very pleased. :) Remember, though, if you haven't told me yet what prizes you want your tickets to be considered for, you need to do that. And there are still a lot of prizes without anyone going for them yet, so there's a very good chance that if you enter the raffle you may win the prize of your dreams! (Or at least the prize you put your tickets on.)

I have updated the Flickr Set with another 20 pictures, taken today. These mainly include Little Orange, Daisy, Bessie, Little Grey and a Mysterious New Cat. Check 'em out. Mysterious New Cat is quite the handsome devil and seemed to be fond of Daisy.

I'll be getting back in touch with AzCATs again in the next few days (if they don't contact me sooner) to tell them how close we are in fundraising, and to ask them how close we are to having people come and help with the TNR. I'll also be giving a report on all this to my apartment management either tomorrow or Thursday.

I know I have a few emails to answer, and I promise I'm not falling down on the job! I'm just very tired and will take care of them tomorrow when I'm fresher.

As always, questions? concerns? allocating raffle tickets? Comment here or email me at eilonwy@gmail.com.

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