Monday, April 28, 2008

Raffle Update -- Greeting Cards!

Willedit has created some truly exquisite cards for The Raffle. They're amazing-- check out the level of detail! Click on the images to make them bigger, then buy raffle tickets! :D It's an assortment of 12 greetings- from "Thank you" to "Gnome Sweet Gnome." (These are #9 on the Raffle List.)

Eeeeee! Robot!

In other news, there will be, sadly, no new cat pictures today. On Mondays the apartment complex mows the lawns and generally makes much noise, so the cats stay hidden in the mornings. Then I won't be home tonight 'til after dark, so alas, there will be no pictures. Tomorrow, however, is a different story. :)

(I am, however, monitoring emails, comments and donations, so feel free to buy raffle tickets!)

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Anonymous said...

I would like to donate a Sunday reiki session in my office in Somerville, Ma toward the raffle prizes. You can reach me at