Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raffle Update, and Cat Pictures

Man, I should totally start updating earlier in the day because I'm exhausted. One thing I did manage to get done today, however, was get lots of pictures of the colony cats-- 29 pictures added to the Flickr set! This batch includes Little Grey, Little Orange, Daisy, Dilute Tortie, Bessie, Calico and the elusive Pigpen! (I did see the Mysterious Grey Cat again today, but I came across him accidentally, while on the phone, so I didn't get his picture.)

The Raffle is doing really well, thanks to all of you, although there are still a few items without a single ticket towards them.

I know it's probably quite bad form to add prizes when the Raffle has already started, but this was too good to pass up. It's another prize for BOSTON PEOPLE ONLY: a Sunday reiki session in Somerville, MA. This is now prize #38. If you want to move tickets that you've already purchased to this prize, that seems only fair, since it was added late, so just go ahead and get in touch with me, you wonderful Boston area peoples.

Next, an update on one of the prizes, #8, the Duckie Stitch Markers by Medusa's Mirror. There are 5 duckie markers, and a pewter charm that says "Love." They'll fit up to a size 10.5 needle. Come on you marvy knitters, you know you want this prize. :D

And that's all of today's news, methinks. I'll let you know how talking with AzCATs tomorrow goes, to ask for an update regarding scheduling. And I'll be updating my apartment complex as well, telling them where we stand on this project, and mentioning all of you guys, you wonderful donors and sponsors and lovers of cats.

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