Monday, May 26, 2008

Aaaaand, we're back! Mrow!

I wish I could say that I was only gone because I was having some kind of fabulous adventure, or at least have fantastic stories about the cats when I came back. But alas, no. I was looking (and not finding) for a job, and keeping myself busy with a myriad of other projects, and so, the Project-Cat neglect.

But, the cats seem well. I've seen each of them since the Great Cat Nabbing of '08, even if I haven't gotten photos of all of them.

When we were cat trapping, the Volunteer asked me if I ever saw the cats climb the trees, and I said, truthfully, no. Tonight, though, while I was out in my balcony, I heard a sound, like the scrabbling of a very, very large squirrel. It took some maneuvering and patience for me to discover that Bozo is a veteran tree-climber, both up and down! He got way up into a pine tree-- I couldn't see him at first in the boughs. I only actually spotted him on the way back down. That is a large cat for being in trees! I think he was showing off because he somehow knew that I was on the phone with my mom, who happens to be his sponsor.

Oddly enough, the cat I see most often is Pigpen. Yes, seriously. So this gives me great hope for the Not Quite as Grand Cat-Nabbing of '08. As to when that will be, well, I've been a total slacker about calling the scheduler, but I'm going to try to remember to do it tomorrow. Hm, it's a holiday, and I don't want to bother her... oh well, if she can't answer, that's fine, I can leave a message. :) Anyway, yes, there should be trapping again soon, for we have 4 more cats to catch (although I wouldn't hold my breath on Twinkle-Toes [the black cat with white, well, toes] because I've only seen him once in the time since the Great Cat Nabbing.

The other most frequent visitors would be Walsingham (aka Little Orange), and, surprisingly Mr Mistoffolees. I see him more often now than I did before teh Cat Nabbing. And look at this picture-- look at his wee pawsies!

I've posted 11 new pictures in the second Flickr set-- check 'em out! 3 of Mr Mistoffolees, 1 of Daphne, 2 of a Moo-Cow Pow-Wow (yes, I do make myself laugh, why do you ask?) and the rest of Pigpen!

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