Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Baby Ate from a Saucer!

Okay, so not really a saucer, more of a baby-food jar-lid. I sat down with her for her lunchtime (she was in my lap earlier, but made it clear that she was hungry by trying to gnaw on my nose), and hadn't quite gotten the syringe filled up yet, and she started trying to eat the baby-food jar. This was very cute (nomnomnom), her mouth open as wide as a tiny kitten's mouth can open, attempting to eat the jar, but not particularly effective. So I put the lid down with some food in it, and after a false start or two (trying to eat the lid), she ate the food. Not a whole lot (she seems to prefer lots of little meals) but still! Hurrah!

So we'll try the more actually cat food foods that way, too.

And I think I read that as soon as the baby starts eating from a dish you can start trying to litter train them. Considering she can now get out of the box, so I gave her the run of the bathroom now, I think beginning to litter train is probably a good idea.

As you can see from the picture at the right, baby kitten is feeling well enough to play and attack things an gnaw. It makes it harder to take clear pictures, but makes me so very happy. She's doing so much better than on Monday. Oh! and look at her eyes! They seem to be clearing up too! She's sneezing a little, but the vet seemed unconcerned (given that we know she has a URI and that she's already on antibiotics.)

Yaaaay baby kitten! Fight, fight, fight to get well! Maybe stop fighting quite so much with my nose, though (ow.)

Now that she's had her lunch, time for mine.

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Anonymous said...

Go kitten go!!!

(captcha had "mew" in it)