Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby food for the win!

This morning the baby wanted food-- she was snuffling about and trying to squeak (she didn't manage it, though), and chewing on my fingers, and yet she refused to take her bottle. She seemed dehydrated, too, so off we went to a vet.

This was not the same as the ER-vet, nor is it the same as the vet I'd been taking my cats to. (I'd been thinking about changing their vet anyway.) The place was super-uber-busy but baby and I still got in to see a doctor very quickly, and weren't left waiting for but a moment. (And if we'd been waiting longer, we could have evidently watched Puppy Bowl IV on DVD-- naturally we would have chosen the kitten halftime show.)

The doctor agreed that she was a little dehydrated, but was very impressed with how active the kitten was, especially after hearing about Monday night and reading the notes from the ER Vet (whom he knows, apparently.)

Then he brought out the chicken and gravy baby food. The kitten loves it far more than anything else we've tried to give her! She even meowed for more-- her first real meow! He also gave me more advice on how much to feed the baby (something I've been worrying over a lot.) And is going to call tomorrow to see how we're doing. I like this place.

The vet commented that it is unlikely that the kitten carries leukemia because if she did she'd not likely have recovered so fast. So that's hopeful. (We'll be testing in about 6 weeks.)

I got the baby home, and gave her her meds (amoxicilin and albon for the coccidia) and then she took a bunch of baby food. She ended up wearing a lot of it, naturally. And now she's down for her nap. It really is almost like having a much tinier, quieter, furrier baby. Hee.

Now it's time to wash the amazing amount of towels and blankets she's gone through in the last 24 hours. :)

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Chibimitch said...

I had no clue kitties can get coccicidia - I thought it was a bunny thing. It was funny to read "albo" ... kinda like, .....wait, wuh?