Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is your evening Kitten update...

Frankly, I'm still worried about the baby girl. She still doesn't want to eat very much, and towards evening her skin started being dehydrated seeming. I called the Emergency Vet that we were at last night, and they didn't seem too concerned once they knew that she's much more active than last night. Still, they suggested seeing the regular vet in the morning in case she needs more subcutaneous fluids, so that's what we'll be doing.

Now 'tis time for her nightly dose of amoxicillin. The brand name is "amoxi-drop" but what's so very fantastic about it is that it's the very same smell and shade of bright pink as the amoxicillin I used to get constantly as a child for my chronic ear infections! Hee! Well, it amused me. :)

She has turned into a little purring furball. She's quiet when I first pick her up (after all, I might be waving a bottle in her face again), but if I put her on my shoulder she immediately starts purring.

In other cat news, I saw a lot of Little Grey today. It's probably just my overactive sense of guilt that made me imagine that LG was looking at me accusingly, as if to say, you stole my baby. Right? Heh. Anthropomorphize? Me? Never! Also saw Creamsicle (formerly known as Pastel), when I was talking with the Downstairs Neighbor Lady. She informed me that Creamsicle is upset because he is no longer intact and cannot chase the other girls. She thinks he's the head of the colony (but I think that Bozo is.) She told him to stop being angry at her because it was my fault. She was joking. Mostly. I informed Creamsicle that it was for his own good and that it was healthier for both him and the lady-cats. He seemed unconvinced, but went off to much on food.

Such is a life full of cats. :)


Abigail said...

Do you think Little Grey is the baby mamma? I thought she wasn't pregnant. Had she already had the kittens? I'm confused about which little grey cat is which.

Project Cat said...

Yeah, I think it's possible that LG is the baby mama-- she's very similar in coloring, and she does look very pregnant in earlier pictures. She definitely was not pregnant when she was altered, but it's possible that she dropped the kittens earlier. (Although I see her around so much, why wasn't she spending time with the kittens...?)

LG is this one: http://flickr.com/photos/10571317@N03/2491594492/in/set-72157605033318533/

Abigail said...

It's possible that the other kittens weren't so lucky. If Momma cat is young or inexperienced or just has bad parenting skills, well, nature is not kind. It's also possible that Momma has them hidden away somewhere to keep them safe, and stays away to attract less attention, or that shes raising them communally with other momcats and you're seeing her when she's off duty.

You'll only really know if siblings turn up to eat one night.

(so does that make the baby cat my grand-foster?)

Project Cat said...


You're right, of course. And this baby cat seems to be on the road to recovery (a road which seems to include attempting to nibble on me. A lot.), and it means she'll have an indoor forever home, so I shouldn't feel bad.

Ouch, I think your grad foster wants food. Off I go, duty calls.