Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kitten's Feeding

I got her to eat a few syringes full of KMR mixed with Hill's Prescription Diet a/d, and she took it pretty well. Earlier I got her to defecate (which, as gross as it sounds, is an important thing given that kittens can't do it on their own. Yes, ew.)

But best of all, when she was done eating, after I'd cleaned her up a bit, she climbed up on my shoulder, nuzzled into my neck and started purring! :) I know that purring can mean that a cat's in pain or scared (as well as the usual meaning of 'happy') but I'm pretty sure she was actually content.

She explored my lap a bit, as well as my hair, and is now back in her box for a nap.

Overall, her first post-ER-vet feeding was a success, I'd say. :)

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