Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Kitten is Home.

We're home. In fact, baby's in my lap as I type this. I have to figure out now how to keep her separate from my cats, at least 'til we can get to the vet this week for her regular kitten checkup and tests (to be sure that my cats will be safe). When the Volunteers came over last night they took one look at her box and said, "She'll climb right out of that." I believed them, but in the state the kitten was in last night she certainly wasn't interested. Today she's already given it a try.

I have all sorts of high quality, high calorie, high vitamin food for the baby. She's much more active (see above) although not just at the moment-- she's lying quietly on my lap. Now begins my stint at feeding her every 4 hours (eek), for a week, according to the instructions I got from the vet. And giving her medicine 3 times a day (2x for one med, 1x for the other.) Oh, this'll be fun. (Yes, yes, sarcasm ill becomes me.) But she's obviously a sweetie, and I'll do everything I can to keep her safe and find her a forever-family.

So, we need a name for her. On all the paperwork thus far she's just "Kitten." What'cha think?

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the volunteer said...

'Fridget' related to refrigerator (rhymes with widget), 'Squeakers'