Monday, May 26, 2008

Uh, this was unexpected...

9:30 at night, a knock on the door. I very rarely get people at my door, even less so at night (when they clearly aren't delivery people!)

But I answer. And it's a guy holding a tiny squirming kitten. Apparently one of the ferals had kittens on the porch of an empty apartment. Then the mother moved the kittens inside the apartment when guys were working on it. This one was behind a refrigerator and almost got squashed when they were moving it. Instead, a worker got his hand squashed. (Which sucks for him, but good man for saving the kitten!) This is the only one they found-- mama cat probably moved the rest when workers started showing up. But the guy at my doorstep had him for a few days, apparently, before anyone could recall which apartment I (the "cat lady") was in. And they tried to feed him (I don't know what... I really hope not cow's milk) but he wouldn't take much and so now he is in my hands. I know that he needs KMR immediately, but of course it's well past pet stores' closing time, curses!

Freaked out, I called Tamnonlinear (she of the brownies), who calmed me down and gave me some options. Then I called the Volunteer (who answered as Pigpen, heh), who is now coming over with some kitten supplies.

Tomorrow we go to the vet.

This is why I am incredibly thankful that we raised more money than was immedately necessary.

Kitten is tiny, and I don't know if we'll make it. He was crawling around on me, but is now sleeping in a box I made for him. One eye is fully open, the other only half, I think because he's so young, but maybe because of an infection. You can feel every bone in his body through his fur. He's a grey tabby, and adorable (of course). He can sit up, and isn't too wobbly when he does so. I have no idea how old he is, but estimates are currently between 1 week and 3 weeks. Likely the Volunteer will have a better idea after seeing him, and the vet will have an idea tomorrow, certainly.

Mostly I'm concerned about keeping him alive to get to the vet. Eek. (Also, don't really know if it's a 'him' but statistics of my colony, and my rude peek under his tail say him.)

More updates as they warrant. Also? Three HUGE cheers for Tamnonlinear and for The Volunteer who is the BESTEST EVER and is coming over here even though it's already late.

Also, BOO to websites because it took me forever to find something on the web to direct me to an emergency vet (should the need arise.)

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