Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beatrice Update!

I'm running late for something, as per usual (aaaaarg! It's too hot to be running around like a madwoman!) but I simply had to share these pictures. Beatrice visited with her Forever Mommy again yesterday and got to play and explore and completely wear herself out. Eventually she fell asleep in her mommy's arms, in the silliest position! She wasn't back to her usual crazy energetic self until this morning!!

More pictures available at the Baby Kitten Set! I tried to have even more pictures, but it wasn't until she started to get tired that I could get more than a blur, or a fast enough shot to get her in the frame before she dashed off to explore something new!


WorldTravelings said...

Considering the rough start she had, Beatrice seems sooo well adjusted and happy! Good job!

Project Cat said...


She's a happy kitten, and totally energetic and crazy. I'm almost scared to go into the bathroom this morning to get ready because she's totally into attacking feet today.