Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Trapping Continues

With four cats scheduled for alteration on Thursday (the 26th), it's time to shift into high gear here at Project-Cat. Today I've made announcements for the apartments around mine, just notices about when to not feed the cats due to trapping. I'm not exactly looking forward to traipsing up and down stairs to *post* these notices, but c'est la vie. (The cats won't be fed after tomorrow, so that they're hungry enough to go into traps on Wednesday night, hopefully.)

I have to admit to be more wary about this trapping than the first. On the first night (and second, since 12 cats were on my balcony) at least we knew that every cat we caught was going to the vet (well, with the exception, as it turned out, of one who'd already been altered- Amaranth.) This time, though, with 19 cats in the colony, I'm only trying to catch a specific 4... It seems more daunting somehow...

As for the Beatrice, she continues to become more and more of a handful! She seems so much bigger now (although she's still tiny), and she has so! much! energy! And teeth. She seems to have an inordinate amount of teeth. (I'm kidding-- her teeth are normal. They just seem inordinate when they're constantly gnawing on you!)

Yesterday she was very good and let me trim her claws! This is good because her new favorite game is to take a running jump at me and grab onto my leg. This is not a problem when I am wearing jeans. It is a problem when I am wearing cotton pajamas, or a skirt. She's actually gotten very good at jean-climbing, having managed to get all the way to my waist while I was brushing my teeth. I know that this isn't behavior one should encourage, but I can't help but enjoy what a strong and brave girl she is! Two more weeks of separation for Beatrice before we can head to the vet for FIV and Feline Leukemia tests.

I'll try to get some more pictures today, of both Colony Cats and of Beatrice. :)

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