Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good and Bad-- Update #1 of the Cat Nabbing Night

On the bright side, even though I'm really far away from my apartment, my wireless card sort of still connects to my wireless. I'll be moving closer soon, though, so that's no biggie.

The traps are out, but not where I wanted them. As soon as I opened the can of tuna fish (with several hungry cats looking at me, including Barnaby, whom I really want to trap tonight) the sprinklers came on, flooding the area between the tunnels. They've just now shut off, which is a step in the right direction, but the ground is all muddy-gross, so I'm not quite ready to set out the drop-trap. Just before the sprinklers came on, all the cats scattered-- they knew, but I didn't. (The sprinklers used to come on in the afternoon. Evening makes far more sense, but I hadn't known that they'd changed it.)

Also, I've already run into the DNL. It was a relatively innocuous conversation, which makes a nice change. She actually offered help if I needed it. She did, however, go on and on about how "the big yellow male" looked at her so piteously for food, and he's clearly starving as you can see the bones of his ribs and legs. Well, I'm sure he's hungry, but two days of not eating did not make him that skinny-- she must be talking about Gandolf who has always looked that skinny. I've seen both Bozo and Creamsicle in the past two days and they looked fine.

So, hopefully that'll be my only run-in with DNL.

I see a cat making her way across the soggy ground, so I'm off to check things out. More later.

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