Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update #5-- OW!

Why did no one TELL me that we have ANTS here that BITE and HURT and leave you ITCHING but leave no mark so you can't even look piteously at someone and show off your war wounds, gotten while failing to catch cats?!

Meh. While cleaning up the drop trap, I picked up the kibble plate and was immediately in pain all on my hand and wrist presumably from the !@$ ants that were swarming on the plate. Fine, fine, it goes well with the rest of the unsuccessful evening. :(

The perfect cap almost happened. I was checking the other dishes for ants (free so far) and the sprinklers came on. Thankfully they didn't come on where I was standing. It would have been miserably perfect if they had, though. On the bright side, it did tell me that they come on at night and that I ought to move all the traps that were in the grass before going in.

All four regular traps are still out there, but covered and away from sprinklers. I, on the other hand, am not out there. I am in here, nursing my ouchies and my itchies and having just enjoyed a marvelous shower. (Before which I found that Beatrice has learned to climb up to the top of the toilet-- it'll just be a day or so 'til she's on top of the sink. Evidently, however, in her climb she had flushed the toilet. I could tell because it was running, as it is wont to do when the handle gets stuck, but I always check the handle. So this was vaguely amusing.) I felt better, too, upon picking up Beatrice and immediately being given many, many kisses. She's a sweetie.

I will check the traps several more times tonight, so there may or may not be more updates. Maybe my computer scared the cats away and now they will venture into the traps.

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