Monday, June 23, 2008

Live Blogging- Testing

So, since I'm all on my own Wednesday night, for Cat Nabbing Part 2 (or 3, depending on how one counts), I thought I'd take my computer out with me and live-blog the whole thing. Okay, actually I just got that idea while I was sitting out here on a blanket, (im)patiently trying to get pictures of the kittens.

...Well, crap. There goes that idea for a while. A strange little truck-thing just drove by and shot water at the bushes around the buildings. Great for the bushes, I guess, but the noise scared the kittens and LGG back into the tunnel. Well, I'll keep sitting here. (I did spy both the Calico an dthe Fluffy Grey. They're sticking to that one tunnel, which is great because it means they're predictable. Ish.)

Frankly I'm surprised at how far my wireless network reaches. Neato-keen!

Dude, here comes the truck again. That's one of the strangest jobs I've ever seen. It only occurred to me as he was driving away (again) that I could get a picture, so I did, but like my cat pictures, probably not the best photo you've ever seen. :) It's too bad I can't set up a Donate To Get Project-Cat a Better Camera fund, heh.

EDIT TO ADD: Apparently one should not test one's live-blogging skillz while Blogger is undergoing maintenance. D'oh! But here are the pictures that were supposed to be in this post (2), and now I'm off to see what I got in the batch of 57 (!!) which I took of the kittens. (More about this later, as well as soliciting advice on *how* to trap them.)

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flurije said...

Hey chica -- if you still want those pictures of beatrice, just let me know. I'm back in town because I have to move :( but I would love to see her! Just ask our mutual friend for my contact info -- maybe we can even have another girl's night --after all, margaritas are required when it's hot enough to drive demons from the 9th circle of hell indoors.