Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update #6- Last one for the Night.

Caught another cat here at Chez Project-Cat. Yup, a repeat visitor, this time Aloysius. ::sigh:: I let him go, then went to check the other traps. Two were empty. The third was also empty, but somehow the plate of food had gotten blown to the side. In my attempt to fix it, I was again viciously attacked by EVIL !@#$!@#$ ANTS OF DOOM. My pinkie finger is now swollen. I am, perhaps understandably, cranky.

There are two traps, currently EVIL ANT free, in secluded areas, still set (and covered.) I'll get up early to check them. If they're empty, (or if they have already altered cats in them) then tonight's Cat Napping will have been a complete failure.


Oh, but I did shine a flashlight down into the tunnel with the kittens and saw them playing. That made me a little bit happy (but anxious because I need to trap them asap. Turns out the guideline is that up to 12 weeks they're tame-able, but after that it's questionable. Guesstimate puts these two and Beatrice at 8weeks.)

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