Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update #2-- Not quite as planned...

DNL talked to me for a while, yes again. And presumed to tell me that the reason the cats weren't going in the traps was because the covers weren't taped down. Yes, I know that doesn't help, DNL, but if you keep talking to me about drowning pigs who got shot (yes, seriously), I can't very well go and fix things, eh? I may have been a bit rude to her, I'm afraid, but she finally left. Geez. (I know, I know, she's just lonely. She's also driving me crazy.)

Anyway, the traps are now all in position, including the drop trap down in the green. While setting it up, I spotted one of the kittens, but I don't expect either of them to leave the tunnel.

It's still early (not quite 7 and not quite dark), so I have hopes for trapping in the hours to come.

However, I seem to be running a restaurant instead of a cat nabbing agency. Apparently Gandolf really was hungry-- I found him in one of the traps, having eaten all the tuna. I let him go, and he went straight for another trap. Sigh. Well, he's had dinner now.

LGG is heading for the drop trap. But of course I don't actually want to catch LGG. I'll let her eat, I guess, then refill the dishes. (Dude, I so could trap her now.) And now Amaranth wants dinner.

Oh crap, now LGG has gotten herself trapped in a regular trap. Welcome to Chez Project-Cat. Today's specials are tuna in oil and dry kibble. I'll be your server.

Kitties, this is not how it's supposed to *go*. (Everyone has been released, and traps refilled and I sit and wait. I'm practicing non-existence. And, y'know, checking my email.)

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