Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update #4-- New friends, but no cats

Many, many mosquitoes have decided that I am tasty. :P

Three people (so far) have stopped to inquire about the drop-trap. I had planned that if anyone asked what I was doing, to answer "Grading papers" because it was true, but they all just asked what the trap was, and for that I had no witty answer but the truth.

The first person who stopped was a woman from Romania (she lives here now) and her 3 year old son. She stopped and we talked for a really long time, which was really nice (she's quite cool) but it probably didn't help the cat-catching cause. But actually, since the last post there really hasn't been any interest in the traps at all.

Another hour, then I guess I'll refresh the traps and go in for the night. (Which means dismantling the drop-trap/restaurant.)

I'm very disappointed. I felt certain we'd at least catch Barnaby as he was around a lot this evening. He got close to one trap but then wandered off.

It's completely dark now, except for a few orange-glow lights and my computer screen, but peopole are still tramping about and scaring the fuzzies. ::Sigh::

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